Yellow, but why so Yellow?

Ouch! Arghh..! It was the third burn in a week. The previous ones hardly got any occasions to heal and now again. Sipping down the warm coffee, I was updating news online. Got distracted on burning my tongue, it hurts!. The earlier ones were also on the same place by the same source of course…

     “Happy women’s day!” someone wished from behind. The voice was familiar and kind. It was full of life and so was the reply. We all replied enthusiastically “Happy Women’s Day to you too.” All the ladies in the office received roses at the entrance. They smiled with surprise when they were wished with a bunch of roses. It was a special day for every woman. A day to make them feel great. “Hey guys, did you know there is discount offers at a lot of places. I wish I could go shopping as soon as I finish work!” said one of the girls in the office, to the others stuck to their desktops. “Hmmm…I wish too”, said one in reply. “I want a rose too”, said Punya sadly, as she had received none. Rotating the chair around, her friend consoled Punya with the sweetest words ever “That rose does not define anything about you. Don’t worry, I’ll gift you one.”

     My left jaw bone had started to hurt, as I was resting it on my hand for the past two hours. Online news update for the client was over. I was sitting joblessly and staring at my expression on the monitor, where I saw myself wearing a dull face, may be because I was scrutinizing details of news for a long time. The reflection was not that clear but vivid enough to adjust my hair. I asked the team if I could help them with something more. But no one had any work to give me for now. I plugged my ear phones on and heard Ustad Rashid Khan singing Aoge jab tum o sajna, to me. I slowly started moving and flying away from reality. But something pulled me back. Aah..! It was none other than the Yellow wall, which stood in front of me with a lazy yet bright look.

     It was yellow, not yellow but…..YELLOW. Like too much of yellowness in it. It was one shade darker than the egg yolk. The rest of the office was painted in peach but the only one that stood in front of me was yellow. It attracted me a lot even though it had the unique talent to create headache. It was yellow so, it was attractive or it was attractive because it was yellow, I don’t know, I really don’t. I usually get fascinated by things that are red, orange, white, black and also yellow. I like yellow but not this one. I disliked it at first, because I thought it was a disaster in the world of design and aesthetics. It was not only bland yellow but a red thick road of soft board ran across from one end to the other. Ummm…. not red exactly but I think it was maroon. That was the only thing that mellowed down the craziness of the Yellow. The wall was even and plain at the top but changed it’s texture as it slowly come down towards the work desk. It was rough with cracks peeping through. It looked like the bottom part had witnessed several earthquakes.

     Lights in the room helped the Yellow look tolerable. Sunlight was shouting through the blinds to let it in, since even it could not put up with the yellowness of the Yellow. The peach on the ceiling had got utterly crushed by the overriding one in the small, less spacious yet welcoming room. The maroon soft board had nothing to say at all. It did not enjoy arguments. Just hung there minding its own business of displaying important contacts. It had practically turned a deaf ear to the maddening Yellow. But somehow I could tell the Yellow was scared to piss Maroon off. Sometimes I could even hear Maroon softy rebuking The Yellow wally

A catastrophic mismanagement of colours in one room!, I must say. I got lost in the maze of work again. But how can anyone get lost in the maze when you have the enormous and the brightest clue blazing right in front of you, the YELLOW wall!. What else? It is so easy to find your way back when you have such landmarks. Trust me, I had no clue whether to take it as a blessing or a curse.

     With this question I saw Philosophy walking in along with a chair, in my mind. I typically hate this visitor. Since Philosophy was giving me company, I had to follow its trail. I could feel the alterations it was making. Everything given to us is a gift of the almighty, nothing is a curse. Everything is special and is present for a purpose.


I was back to myself. I heard the weird sound of dragging of chair and realized, Philosophy was leaving. 5:43! Called the laptop. Busy day , I said to myself. Settled my things, tidied my desk up and sat for a moment looking at the stupendous wall. Cleaned my glasses and thought, I somehow like the yellowness at the end of the day, the room would be so dull without it. It does the important task of pulling me back from my overpowering thoughts. I think Philosophy was right, everything has a purpose behind. The Yellowness of the wall gave me an inspiration to write. I thanked the yellow wall. Everything is fine. From now on I shall learn to love it as it is. As I was leaving I turned back and looked at it again and then I asked………

Yellow, but why so Yellow?

Shivangee Dasgupta


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